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About Myrrhee School

Myrrhee School is a small rural school dedicated to providing exceptional learning opportunities for our students


The school is set in the majestic Myrrhee Valley and has 100 acres of beautiful bushlands, which the students and teachers have a strong connection to.


Myrrhee School’s motto is ‘Making Learning Real’ as students are encouraged to pursue their passions and their creative sides. Once a week, students are involved in ‘making day’ where they research, plan, organise, negotiate, create and evaluate personalised projects with the assistance of the teachers and local experts. Some of the creations include sculptures, woodwork, sewing, cooking, ceramics, paintings and engineering.


The school is a focal point and a resource for the local community. The community works together to provide the students with wonderful learning opportunities lead by the teachers. The school is staffed by a dedicated and passionate P-2 teacher, 3-6 teaching Principal, and a full time support staff member. This enables an outstanding teacher to student ratio of 1:8 in the Foundation to Year 2 class and 1:10 in the Year 3 to 6 class.


The school offers specialist programs in the areas of Italian, Library and Art that are lead by visiting teachers. An enthusiastic local musician also offers private instrumental lessons at the school.


Myrrhee School has terrific facilities and resources. It values contemporary learning and teaches today’s children for the future. The Year 3-6 students all have personalised iPads that they use as a learning tool to build their technology and organisation skills and to engage safely in the wider world.


Myrrhee is an active member of The King Valley Cluster of schools. Cluster initiatives include the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen & Garden program, a range of camps and sporting activities including Personal Best athletic sports, cultural days and professional learning initiatives. The cluster of schools work together to support each other to deliver the best possible teaching and learning programs in each of our unique rural communities.


Myrrhee School is a nurturing and inclusive school that caters for all children. We are proud of our students who are responsible, active and high achieving

members of our community.


Click here to read more about the fantastic programs we run at our school.

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